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They are two buddies to send rude sms to the mother of their third friend. This mom is just a cannon, even old. She is amused by the texts that these little guys send her that she accepts them all and sends back to them little innocent naughty texting. After these various sextos exchanged, she was not going to imagine that these young people would actually be executed.

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One evening, the three friends get their appointment at the house of their buddy to make a small film. And their friend's mom was there. While she served them as a snack, one of the guys followed her to the so-called kitchen to help her. Arriving downstairs, he actually accomplished what he had said in these messages. He opens the shirt and mouth open, she lets himself do. Standing in the kitchen, the young man sucks the nibars as if he were enjoying this sexy mum with his gigantic chest. And the second friend also joins them. Seeing them do the galipettes, he also wants to participate and kneels to rummage under his skirt. He discovers a wet pussy waiting to be stuffed. He then begins to suck and shake at the same time while the other is still on these tits that he loves to eat. The three partners are incredibly excited and want to move up a gear.

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These young guys have spent their time dreaming about this mature sex that they are ready to do anything to make enjoy this old chick and enjoy themselves. On the ground, these guys fuck her in double penetration and fuck her at the same time the pussy and her asshole. With the anus still tight, the little lucky guy is in the process of the hole of all these forces and obtains the greatest of satisfactions, an immense pleasure. The two young men arrive at the same time to enjoy and enjoy this bitch mom while their buddy waits quietly in the room suspecting nothing.

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